čtvrtek 5. března 2015

Meteo node II

I'm reporting some progress on the meteo node today. It worked more or less on first power on - with the exception of the RF24 not working at all, but the problem was easy to discover - swapped pins MISO and SCK! I don't get how could I make that mistake as I was following the table, and I am sure I counted the pins right. Anyway, after fixing that, all worked just fine.
The node still misses the battery measurement support, but I am going to leave it out until I know what kind of battery I am actually going to use. The voltage divider will depend on if I am going to power it from AA cell, LiIon cell or something else. I ordered some samples of step-up converter from Linear, which could be used, and I am considering those MCP1640 from Farnell (they're still the cheapest), but that needs some testing first.
The high voltage capacitors finally arrived from Austria - sheesh, it took more than a week to get them shipped and delivered, and given the S/H price... I just hope they're any good, or else I ended up with 200 pieces of junk. They're surprisingly small for 1KV 10nF capacitors. Anyway, I'll see if I find some time this weekend to build - yes, you guessed - yet another HV power supply for GM tubes. In fact, I am thinking about putting together the not-so-common components and offer it on eBay for some reasonable price, saving people from hassle of getting bits and pieces here and there. I have a load of MPSA42 transistors, 10nF capacitors, 10mH inductors, fuse holders etc etc.
The lead accu I ordered month ago still did not arrive, and eBay returned me the money. I ordered some goldcaps today, and will do further experiments with them. I'll get two 22F/2.3V ones that could be great if I'll manage to make the step up converters working.

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