pondělí 23. března 2015

How much solar power?

The problem with my solar panels and experiments is that I have no clue how much power I will be able to generate. Theoretically, I should get 15W on ideal day, with panels properly set. I would expect much less later in the afternoon on a winter day, but so far, I am getting something like a few mW only. I can assume that part of the problem are less than ideal light conditions, not really optimal panels angle, and the fact I am at work during the day, thus all I can observe are results on late afternoon.
To overcome at least the last problem, I hacked together a quick measurement unit - just one of the RF24 nodes I have laying around. The only thing the modul does is measuring the voltage of the panel (bridged with 470 Ohm resistor), and report it to the RasPi that takes care about logging it into file. That way, I should see if the panels are worth anything.
That's pretty much all I've done today, I am afraid.
I received a nice box of goodies, I did not open it but I assume it's those old fans and heatsinks. I overdid it this time for sure, and I will end up with something like 20kg of Alu heatsinks. I am planning to use some of them for LED lights, and I wasn't careful when bidding on eBay - oh well, I can still sell them :)

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