čtvrtek 12. února 2015

RasPi or not...

No updates yesterday, sorry. I was looking for the best library I could use for the ILI9341 display from C code on RasPi, and ended up rewriting the Adafruit library. However, the whole thing is object oriented, inheriting stuff from the GFX class that inherits the stuff from Print class... not that it's impossible to port all those to RasPi, but I got bored pretty quickly. I cannot guarantee that it will work, and I don't want to waste one evening by porting a few C++ libraries, then another evening debugging it, and in the end finding out it does not work.
I thought about it and decided to go back to Arduino, abandoning the whole RasPi idea for now. In fact, there's not much of benefit in using RasPi. I was thinking about that email checker, but I still don't know I really want it. If I decide I really do, I can hook up the RasPi to the whole system somehow. The limitations of RasPi do not overcome the benefits. So - I am back to Arduino. I in fact want to use Due this time, making at least one small step towards ARM. Due has enough of RAM, enough of pins, three HW SPI ports, and even DMA.
When looking for a good ILI9341 library, I verified that Adafruit works fine, but there's another library based on Adafruit code that allows using HW SPI, and even DMA, making the display blazingly fast. Library is made by Marek Buriak (?) and can be found here.
There's a few open things related to SPI on Due. The chip supports three HW CS pins, but I might need more. Can I combine hardware and software CS? Or will I need to move some of the peripherals to software SPI? I am planning on using the ILI9341 display, ENC28J60 network, and a few nRF24L01 modules. My guess is that the ENC28J60 library will need porting, and thus using the software SPI would be the easiest way to go.
Anyway, the ILI9341 works, I'll test the RF24 modules tomorrow, and if all looks good, I'll start porting one of the ENC28J60 libraries. There's Ethercard library I am already using for other projects, and then there's arduino_uip that looks good, too. I am also running out of ENC28J60 modules, I actually had to steal one for testing from an older project that's on standby right now.

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