středa 18. února 2015

Arduino Due Central Node

I started working on the new central node yesterday. After giving up RasPi as the problems I faced and expected were more than I could stand, I decided to go back to roots. Mega was one option, but I decided to try Due this time. If that won't work, I can still go back to Mega, but so far so good, and I am knocking on wood here.
Anyway, the ILI9341 library for Due works just great, the ENC28J60 network behaves as well, and both work together. I wrote really basic sketch just to test the hardware, called DueCentral.  I plan to move all the diagnostic output to TFT as a first step, and make sure that I can get exact time from network. The node also acts as a web server, maybe I could use it somehow? Like a table of all sensors etc...
Of course, when attempting to slap the stripboard on Arduino, I got pissed off again. I definitely need all the connectors to be available on the stripboard, including the famous one that's shifted by 50mils (pins 8-13). This connector provides some pretty important signals, like 10 for SPI CS, and the rest is available as PWM. Oh well, what should I expect from a board designed in Italy - the guys should stick with making ice cream, and don't mess with electronic.
I wanted to update the GM counter sketch yesterday, but I figured out I don't really know what I expect to be displayed and measured, so let's leave it alone for a few days.

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