úterý 17. března 2015

Back from vacation

I took a break, partly due to high workload at work, partly due to a short trip to my family. I did enjoy it, and even enjoyed driving that tiny, brand new Ford Fiesta I got from Hertz. That was a nice surprise, I paid for Ka, and got Fiesta.
Last two evenings before the departure (well, not exactly, last two evenings were mostly about packing, planning the trip, getting the Google Maps working on my phone etc etc).. what was I talking about? Oh yes. Last two evenings before the departure were about making the RFM12B work with Due. I finally decided on removing the display, and the freed SPI port is now used for RFM12B. I started porting the library to Due, but that turned out to be pretty complex task, as the library uses various bits and pieces specific for AVR (like EEPROM etc.) and I gave up pretty quickly as I had that feeling of reinventing the wheel. I took the library from Boredomprojects and first tests looked really promising, it could talk to Arduino running the latest version of Jeelib.
Happy about the progress, I tried to send a broadcast message to my already existing devices with RFM12B - and... well, nothing happened. After some debugging, I figured out two things that were wrong:
 - the existing devices use old version of the library. New version adds one byte in the header for destination or source address
 - the new library initializes the RFM12B to a different speed
After fixing those two problems - nothing happened. I tried all I could think of, but the Due running new library with my patches still doesn't talk to the old devices. The packet seems to be correct, the CRC matches, the channel and speed is the same... I gave up for the moment as I had no time to pursue that. I'll debug the init sequence using my good old Saleae clone and see if there are any differences.
In the meantime, I received a whole bunch of new stuff. The most interesting things are some goldcaps, solar panels, LCR meter, RF24 modules with antenna, partly dead MX510 mouse (as a spare part donor for the mouse I am using for years), and other small stuff. I should do an unboxing video one day :)
I did some experiments with the goldcaps, and I'll put together some more info in upcoming days.

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