čtvrtek 19. března 2015

Fixing old central, and fixing meteo node

Time flies - I just wanted to finish something, and it's almost midnight.
We had some problems with electricity yesterday. Few weeks ago, the wall socket in the bathroom burned out. Well, not really, but my wife reported strange smell when using the washing machine. It wasn't your typical burning smell, it was more like ironing a perfumed piece of clothing. As a quick hack, I asked my wife to use an extender cord. However, the other circuit did not handle a water kettle and the washing machine at the same time, and breakers went off.
I am using an old central node designed few years ago. The new, Arduino Due based central node I am working on is supposed to replace this old central node.
The old central node has a problem I was aware of, but wasn't able to debug so far. Sometimes, it simply hangs after being powered up, or stutters in the main loop. I noticed that before, but the problem went away when I attached the debugger. This time, it didn't, and first debug output suggested the central node isn't getting the IP address via DHCP. A few tests suggested the MAC address isn't unique, and router refuses to assign new IP. I am still not sure what caused this, probably a router problem. I'll keep an eye on it and if it happens again, I'll generate random MAC on every start or something.
Next thing I worked on this evening was making the RasPi log all the sensor node packets into a file. It was pretty simple, and works fine so far. I want to see what exactly is happening with the meteo node in the evening.
The meteo node was also modified to report the correct voltage of the goldcap that powers it. I assume the sensor are eating too much of juice, and the whole thing will need some optimization. Not a big deal, I was planning on running this from battery anyway, but - well, if it can be solar powered, even better!

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