pátek 30. ledna 2015

Arduino Pro Mini problems, and finally working ESP8266 firmware and Arduino library

The Arduino Pro Mini kits I received recently from China aren't quite okay. I had some strange troubles with them, and I am not quite sure what was the reason. Yeah, I managed to connect the programming cable backwards to one of them, and the Arduino started misbehaving. Uploads did not finish unless I disconnected power and yanked the USB/UART adapter and so on... On a second kit, I actually noticed I've used wrong COM port, which would explain the connection timeouts :)
Anyway, I reflashed all three of them with the bootloader from Arduino 1.0.5 and they seem to work fine so far. The fourth one has already a new bootloader as it was modded for 8MHz lowe power operation (crystal implant and LED and LDO removal).
I spent the rest of the evening looking for the right version of ESP8266 firmware, and working Arduino library. So far, I'll stick with I found under name v0.9.2.4 AT Firmware-ESPFIX.bin
As for the library - after a lot of experiments, it looks like Lady Ada got it right again. Her library works as expected (so far), uses SoftSerial to communicate with ESP8266 (necessary when you use Arduino with just one HW serial port), and compiles at first try! Thanks, that was what I needed:
Adafruit ESP8266 library
Enough of HW stuff, going to play WoT...

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