pátek 30. ledna 2015

Arduino based RF24 sensor node

This is a long term experiment to measure how long an average battery lasts when powering a simple sensor node. The node is based on 328p and RF24. The power consumption while sleeping is 20uA, while it draws something over 10mA when communicating. It's more or less of what I expected. The node wakes up every 8 second and sends a short packet.
I just measured the battery voltage, and found out it has dropped to 3.2V, which is way too low for the LiIon. I had to cancel the experiment after about two weeks. Anyway, it proved that this might work, and the battery, or a CR2032 coin cell can be used for powering such a node. The real one will wake up once per five minutes or so, thus I expect the battery life to be much more.
The code can be found in SVN:
RF24Sensor code
It doesn't use the RF24Network library yet, and there's also the EEPROM support missing. I was modifying the code in the meantime, and it sort of matured into something bigger:
RF24Node code

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